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Shorts Spam – Scam Emails

You Won $7.5 Million USD

Good Day,

I am using this opportunity to inform you that the online automatic random email selection lottery, that you won some time ago which you were unable to claim due to loss of contact or communication by the finance house that was supposed to inform you on your winnings has been rectified.The sum of $7.5 million USD (SEVEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSANDUNITED STATES DOLLARS) will be delivered to you as compensation for the total sum of your initial winnings which you were unable to claim.Below is the contact details of the fiduciary agent which you are to contact in ensuring the swift delivery of your consignment;

Name of agent:MR.Christopher Moore

Email address: christopher.moore11@yahoo.cn

Be informed that this is genuine and authentic so you will not be asked to make any payment for courier charges for the delivery of your funds as that is what fraudsters on the internet normally do, also note that you do not need to register or enter into the lottery before you emerged a winner, as this is an automatic random email selection lottery, i have already paid for the transportation of your consignment.You are to contact the agent immediately in order for your funds of $7.5 million USD(SEVEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS)to be delivered to you without further delays.


Mrs Mauren Walken

from:  CLAIMS DEPT <info@comp.com>
reply-to:  christopher.moore11@yahoo.cn
date:  Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 2:48 PM


Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations you have won ($1,000,000.00 USD) from PCH lotto draw that was held today,Email us back LOTTERYClaims Requirements are:







Email us back: superprize.winner@pchlottodept.com

Yours Sincerely,

from:  Publisher’s Clearing House <info@pch.co.uk>
reply-to:  superprize.winner@pchlottodept.com
to:  Recipients <info@pch.co.uk>
date:  Sat, Jan 5, 2013 at 6:14 PM
subject:  Sweeptakes Winner


Your Payment Slip

John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 4
Address: 2345 BroadwayNew York, NY 10024, United States
Phone: 732) 366-1349
Mon-Sun     6:30am–11:30pm

Good morning,
i was trying to cross check some goods because of the recent disaster at the John F. Kennedy International Airport and i saw a payment slip that was issued on this mail address by the us treasury department inconjuction with the federal reserve bank for the sum of $15 million usd, so i need you to come and confirm it and if i don’t hear from you I will have it sent back to the bank which issued the payment slip that the
funds was deposited into on the address,i advice you come down to the John F. Kennedy International Airport terminal 4 and ask for Mr Woods Patman and you will be directed to my office for the retrieval of your
payment slip. {woodspatman2007@aol.com} or call me on this number 732) 366-1349

Thank and God bless
best regards

from:  Mr Woods Patman <woodspt@aol.com>
reply-to:  woodspatman2007@aol.com
date:  Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 10:53 PM
subject:  your payment slip


You have been rewarded

You have been rewarded with the sum of $920,000.00 USD
This grant money reward is from GAZPROM 2012.
Reply to Claim
*SEX (M/F):
E-mail Mr. ELLI MA HAMEED at: ( gaz.promo@aol.com ) with your details Call: +601 64032654 for any inquiries on the above message.

Program Director
Linda Khoo

from:  GAZPROMO <info@gazpromo.org>
reply-to:  gaz.promo@aol.com
to:  Recipients <info@gazpromo.org>
date:  Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 12:14 AM
subject:  You have been rewarded


Urgent Message

Dear friend,

You have just received a cash donation from us.
Contact us through the email address provided below for more information.

Our Email: davedwe@live.com
Best of luck,
Dave & Angela Dawes.

from:  Nil FM <nilfm@hurriyet.com.tr>
date:  Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 6:13 AM
subject:  Urgent Message
mailed-by:  hurriyet.com.tr



Attn please,

This message is coming to you from FBI office here, We are writing this mail to inform you that your (Inheritance winning awarded funds of $1.5million) has been totally converted into a ATM Master card and it’s to be delivered to your address via courier service, Be inform that the courier delivery company will deliver the card with all the manual and instruction both with PIN code to access the Card upon receipt. It’s the best option to receive this amount since every attempt failed, therefore you will need to contact the Barrister that helped in re-claiming the check back and converted it into an ATM visa card with his address below:

Barrister Necter Polimars
Email: barristernecter10@superposta.com
Phone: +229 98651731

Send him your current address where the Card should be delivered to and remember to indicate the Reg:code of ATM-0034 to him when making contact with him. Please also choose the courier service you would like to deliver the Card Post office is also working but could take the card much time to get to you.

Please endeavor to inform us once you have received the ATM Card.

Sincere regards
Robert S. Mueller
FBI Monitoring Team Service.

from:  FBI Office <info@fbi.org>
reply-to:  barristernecter10@superposta.com
date:  Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 6:33 AM


Contact Western Union for your Payment of
$1,500,000.00 today with your Full Details for your
first MTCN of $5,000 USD.
Email: harry_markpay@yahoo.com


 Western Union <hollis2@aeroinc.net>






 Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 4:51 PM









Can I Trust You?

Dear friend,

This proposal is closely directed to you for your attention and should not in this letter as a spam mail that was sent to you by strangers.

The sum of $ 98.2Million United State Dollars was sealed in a five-Trunk boxes and labeled family valuables and treasures and deposited awarded an Independent Security Company here in the Republic of Benin in West Africa, the Republic of Benin since 1999.This fund for the UN peacekeeping mission in Sierra Leone was meant but was diverted by my colleagues for personal benefit. Unfortunately, my colleagues lost their lives during the UN peacekeeping mission in Sierra Leone, when the rebels attacked their Territory unexpectedly.

Today I have the secret documents that allow me to make a reliable and reputable person who can stand as a “beneficiary” to the alleged agents of the present Security Company is discovered. If you are interested, we can do a deal to split the funds associated 50-50 without legal effect. Please send me your phone numbers for the discussion of this offer in further detail.

You can contact me through my private e-mail address (christ_george1992@hotmail.fr) Contact

Thank you.

Truly greetings

Dr.Christ George

from:  Dr,Christ George <0000-office100@att.net>
reply-to:  christ_george1992@hotmail.fr
date:  Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 7:34 PM
signed-by:  att.net

My Dear Beloved Friend

My Dear Beloved Friend,

I got your email address from a mail directory and I was motivated to mail you for a Godly assistance. I pray this does not offend you in any way.

I am Mrs. Lillian Benson a citizen of United Kingdom, and married to Dr. Terry Benson who worked with Texaco Oil Company in here in United Kingdom before he died in a motor accident on his way for a Board meeting. We were married but without a single child and since his death I decided not to re-marry besides I am 55 Years old now.

When Benson my husband was alive, he deposited the sum of $16.5M. (Sixteen Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars) with a Bank in Spain and this money is still with the bank.

They just wrote me as the beneficiary to come and receive the money or instead issue a letter of authority to somebody to receive it on my behalf.

I cannot do this myself because I am presently in a hospital where I am undergoing treatment for cancer of the lungs, I have being in this sickness for the past three and half years and I have since lost my ability to talk.

My doctors have told me that I just have few months to live that is why I have decided to use the money for charity project. I would have used my late husband’s family for this, but it is just that they are not good even when my husband wanted to marry me they refused to that he should not marry me and also in helping the poor ones and being Godly.

I know they will spend this money on themselves so I decided to look for a trustworthy person or family that I will give the authority to go claim the fund from the bank and utilize 80% of the fund to support churches, orphanages and widows around the world.

As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact details of the bank. And also issue you a letter of authority that proves I have chosen you to take possession of the fund.

Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated herein and keep this contact confidential until the fund gets to you. This is to ensure that nothing distracts this project which has always being my heart desire to help the poor ones.

Email; mrslillianterrybenson@gmail.com

I await your urgent reply.

Mrs. Lillian Benson

The Free Lotto Sweepstakes

Official ©Mexico National FreeLotto Weekly Draws
The Free Lotto Sweepstakes,

Dear Beneficiary Winner,

Congratulations!! Your E-mail ID has Won you ATM Card $1.500.000.00 USD
in the on-going Mexico ®New Year BONANZA National FreeLotto.
Your Email Address was selected through a computer ballot system drawn
from 25,000 company individual Email Addresses from Australia, New Zealand,
North America,South America, Europe, Asia and Africa as part of International
Promotions Program. This promo is the 1st of its kind and we intend to
sensitize the public. Your Email Address was attached to

Ticket number “099-22-04-552
Winning Numbers: #4 13 33 39 55 3
Batch Number 010/04/Euxp
Reference EU/8364×6/10.


You will be sent an ATM card used to withdraw your money in any ATM machine
in any part of the world, so if you like to receive your fund in this way.
Please contact the FEDEX DELIVER COURIER to re-confirm your correct
mailing address information and make a payment of $250 USD only
[Two Hundred And Fifty Dollars Only] for the Package safe Shipping fee
of the said ATM Card.

For claims Contact Mr. Hanic Smith
Email Address: Email: freelottoatm@yahoo.com.hk
With the required information below.

Attach copy of your identification

Remember, you must contact your claim agent Mr. Hanic Smith, to claim
your prize, send your reference and batch number and all the above
informations to his email address and let him know that you have contacted
him through email.

For security reasons you are advised to keep your winning information
confidential till your claim is processed and your money remitted to you
in whatever manner you deem fit to claim your prize. This is part of our
precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of
this program by unscrupulous elements. Please be warned!

Dr. Barry Stephen
Email: freelottoatm@yahoo.com.hk
{Online Promo Co-ordinator}
License Number: BS1194

Your Funds Recovery

E-MAIL: inpectorpolicenigeria@yahoo.com.tr

TELEPHONE: +234 8033862057
Attention; Beneficiary,

My Name is Mr. Mohammed Abubakar the inspector general of police Lagos Nigeria,Your matter have reported to my office today being 4th jan 2013,that Dr.Charles Soludo was scammed you over 5 year now, We got him arrested today.

We were able to get your email through Dr.Charles Soludo that extort money from you when the police got them  arrested , One of them gave us your email address who called his Name Johnson Kuta.

The president of this country His Excellency Mr.Googluke Ebere Jonathan has sent aside the sum of $2.5millions of Dollars in atm mastered card to send to you through Dhl Courier Company.

We thereby have made a concrete arrangement with the DHL Courier Company for a safe delivery to your door-step once the beneficiary meets up the demand of the conveyance.

Note that all the delivery fee has been paid on your behalf. But you are advise to send only $185 dollar immediately to our office for your clearance certificate because our agent will proceed to Nigeria High Court first thing tomorrow morning so that he should get the certificate before your consignment will leave this country.

The DHL Courier agent will use the certificate to obtain the transaction.

So you advice to contact inspector general of police Nigeria Office immediately with your full information for delivery of your consignment and also to enable our office confirm that you are the real owner of this Emaill address to avoid any mistake.

Your Full Name…….
Your Country……..
Your City…………
Your Telephone Number.
The Amount You Lost….
Your Passport………………
Your Age……………………….

Contact our Office with this information below for more information and for quick deliver of your atm card.
Here are the SCAMMERS that were arrested and Johnson Kuta is also here now

God bless.

Mr. Mohammed Abubakar
E-MAIL: (inpectorpolicenigeria@yahoo.com.tr)
TELEPHONE: +234 8033862057
call our office telephone number once you receive this message for more information

from:  FROM HEAD QUARTER POLICE STATION LAGOS NIGERIA <inspectorpolice388@ymail.com>
reply-to:  inpectorpolicenigeria@yahoo.com.tr
to:  undisclosed recipients
date:  Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 8:30 PM

Yahoo International Lottery Award



#: 1755 Newton St Salamanca, New York NY 14779,U.S.A

Claim Office & Administration based in the London Street, Commerce House,6 London StreetLondon W2 1HR

24hrs.Telephon: +44 70374 7833 .




Dear Email Owner,


We are pleased to inform you about the lottery result of the Winners in our 100-YEARS International program with the Microsoft Yahoo.com and Windows live Lottery Promotion Manager’s held on, 4thJan 2013, in London. Your personal e-mail address or company email address was attached to draw lucky file numbers: YAHOO/UK76-441/2012, with serial batch number MFI/07/APA-53659, and winning Ref: 2011234523, which consequently won in the 2ND category. You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of US$3,500,000.00 Dollars, Amount you won is ($185.000.00) One Hundred & Eighty Five Thousand United States Dollars). Only for the New email users this 2012/2013 Prize promotion which is organized by YAHOO INTERNET SERVICE. Amount you won is $185,000.000(One Hundred & Eighty Five Thousand dollars Only)

Yahoo! Collects all the email addresses of people that are active online this 2010, among the millions that subscribed to YAHOO, HOTMAIL, GMAIL and few from other international e-mail providers. 12 people are selected monthly to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the Selected Winners this month of Jan 4th 2013.


Winners shall be paid in accordance with their Settlement Centers,Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited and returned to its source as unclaimed Prize/Fund.






You are Advised to contact Mr.Philip Campbell. With the below contact information’s.


Name: Mr.Philip Campbell.


Telephone: +44 703 174 8709

Fax:+44 701 774 7834

You are advised to send the below following information’s to him to enable him facilitate the release of your fund.

1. Your Full name:

2. Your Country:

3. Contact Address:

4. Telephone Number:

5. Fax Number:

6. Marital Status:

7. Occupation:

8. Sex:

9. Age:

10. Amount you won

For further enquirers, please contact our U.S.A Headquarter Office director, MR. HARRIS PAUL through the above Tel/Fax Numbers and email address.

Congratulations Once again.


Yours in service,



from:  YAHOO INTERNET AWARD LOTTERY <oodiwomma@gmail.com>
reply-to:  claim.0015.london@gmail.com
date:  Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 6:19 PM